An "Intelligent" Approach to Breach Resilience

Response, Resilience and Recovery

OREV is a self-contained cyber preparedness platform capturing data and change based telemetry in a very efficient manner.

Restores Normal Operations Post Breach

Think of OREV as a virtual "Digital Black Box" capturing 100% of all relevant data, providing first responders the tool sets to promptly identify the root cause and rapidly restore the network to a steady state.

Significantly reduces the amount of time of Breach Identification with Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Triage completed in about an hour.

Eliminates the need for multiple tools and manual processes, mitigating business disruption and network downtime.

OREV Breach Resilience
Rapidly Restoring Normal Operations Post Breach

Identification, Containment and Restoration

Intelligent Surveillance Technology (IST) Agents
Proprietary, self-sufficient agents, providing “on the spot” analysis and remediation at each endpoint. Monitors all workstations, servers, peripheral equipment, and analyzing all operational activities, computing processes, running programs, hardware devices, file, and profile changes in the OREV universe.
Hardware and Asset Management
Out-of-the-box hardware, software and asset management capabilities provide visibility into network components, performance events and infrastructure failures. Monitoring and analysis is predictive as to potential failures and interruption of business activities, keeping the network viable 24/7/365.
Insider Threat Detection
Predictive insider threat monitoring and customizable behavioral analytics software allowing detection through identity profiling, collating common attributes and continuous monitoring of all transactions to identify potential fraud.  
Forensic Investigation
The “Orev Data Universe” The massive data collected and recorded by the Intelligent Surveillance Technology (IST) agents becomes a virtual “data universe”, a microcosm of all that transpired in the network, providing an actual subset, replicating the entire activity. The information aggregated facilitates the ability to recreate the tracing of the origins and causes of all events

Core Features

Attack Chain Visualization
Agent or Agent-less monitoring of every device on the network, in realtime. First Detect (patent Pending) logins, software versioning, system access and more.

OREV does not impact network traffic, CPU, disk, or memory consumption of the organization. OREV is capable of monitoring hundreds of thousands of endpoints at a single site.
Instant Detection
OREV's IST Agents work in realtime to perform twice-per-second analysis of activity. Instant analysis of all endpoints leads to more accurate threat and risk identification.

Risk Management
OREV’s IST agent collects data from layers of hardware, software, user activity, network connections centrally, including the organization's internal and external subnets (multi DMZ) and establishes the severity level of any particular event.
Real Time Monitoring
Change driven cybersecurity monitoring. Information is fed to the OREV dashboard in real-time so that Network and Systems Security team members can identify and resolve issues as they happen in real time.
Response & Remediation
Unified, live end-to-end process. OREV's IST agent enables the network admin to take action as soon as they identify an issue. Close connections, eject drives, or remove users from unauthorized systems.
Audit Trails
Identify and investigate events in realtime. Audit trail of all network operations at all endpoints, this includes all other relevant user accounts with Logon / Logoff information, login failures, parallel logins, unconventional work hours, logins failure by services and other relevant events per management requirements.
Do More with Less
Manage all security issues, assets, endpoints, hardware, software and unknown devices from a single platform and Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). OREV requires fewer internal resources and significantly cuts down storage requirements.  Easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to install, deploys in about an hour.
The OREV Value Proposition


Reduce network downtime - accelerate identification of any process, file or application and restore the network.....all in real time!
  • One centralized point of control for monitoring of all network operations
  • Real-time dashboard visiblity reaching all endpoints and network components
  • Maximum cybersecurity protection with instant notifications and actionable responses.
  • Regulatory compliance and corporate frameworks, monitored and enforced online and offline.
  • Scalable software that will work with hundreds and thousands of endpoints.
  • Programmable real-time and historical reporting of all network operations.
  • Realtime asset management and optimization, reducing operational costs.
  • OREV is a low maintenance platform, significantly reducing workload of network security teams.
  • No measurable interruption or slowdown of network operations
  • Efficiently aggregate, condense and store data - 1024 bytes/day/user
  • Replace a traditional technology stack with a single platform & sunset multiple redundant solutions.
  • Comprehensive Audit trail of all network applications processes and activities.

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