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OREV stays steps ahead of new threat vectors by deep correlation analysis of past events in realtime, predicting the next attack.

Our Story

OREV is the result of three generations of experience in the field of global surveillance, intelligence and cyber wars. The design team has years of hands-on experience in the design of commercial and military applications. The predecessor software to OREV, Tamnun has been in production at Bank Bradesco for the last 10 years.

Six years ago the team undertook a project to design a real time cyber security platform supported by extensive dashboard capabilities. Three years ago the new product, OREV, was introduced into the Brazilian market and has been used extensively and deployed in governmental agencies such as the Education Ministry of the country. OREV was introduced to the US market in 2020.

As long as there are computers, there will be a need for security, and a need for OREV.
The Intelligence Way has a dual meaning - one of the key concepts of OREV is a design principle that places the network admins one step ahead of the changing cyber security threats.

The Intelligent Way represents the activity of intelligence agency operations, meaning the continuous data collection and surveillance at all endpoints in real time, all the time. That is what OREV proprietary Surveillance Technology Agents (IST) do at all end points.

The other concept is the usage of human intelligence to identify new cyber security threat technologies.

The combination of both concepts lead to the capability of predictive forensic analysis of all network activities, especially detection, identification and response to cyber attacks in real time.

Our Leadership

Alex Sandel
Founder & CEO
A 50 years veteran of computer technology. From an LSI CPU designer in 1971, founder of CalAbco distribution of computer components in 1980 and a co-founder and chairman of the iconic Packard Bell computer manufacturer as well as involvement in other tech ventures. Throughout his career Alex identified that technologies come and go and committed himself to build a cybersecurity platform that was highly intelligent and maintain always a state of the art position.
Jack Kelleher
Chief Revenue Officer
Jack brings 35+ years executive management, operational and enterprise wide project management experience and skillsets  to the team. He formerly served as Senior Advisor to the CEO of the Bloomberg Tradebook and Trading Solutions Groups where had been responsible for driving vision and execution internally as well as guiding business and strategic planning. Previously, he was Practice Manager for the Financial Services and Government vertical markets at Active Data Exchange, a content centric technology firm.
Gabi Saadon
Chief Product Officer
Gabi brings 16+ years of software development and project management experience in and IT & cybersecurity analytics. Served previously at A.B.G Systems in Israel as Senior Product Manager as well as cybersecurity research and incident response team manager. Gabi was the founder of Maestro Softwares, an application development and graphics company.

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