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Intelligence, Integrity and Efficacy

Change driven cyber security monitoring and reporting platform.

Our Story

From the beginning, the vision for OREV has always been to create an innovative and all-inclusive platform for network security.

Security is much more than just cyber!

The mission was to design an advanced data collection, surveillance and intelligence gathering software that fills security gaps with one comprehensive tool to secure and manage a corporate network efficiently, without impacting system performance.

The result is OREV Secured Networks!

The OREV software has been built from the ground up, capitalizing on three generations of experience in the field of global surveillance and cyber wars.

The Israeli engineering team has years of hands-on experience in the design of banking, commercial and military applications.

The team initiated a real time cyber and network security platform with emphasis on extensive data collection, efficient storage, alerting and reporting capabilities.

OREV Secured Networks has been introduced into the US market, launching 2020.

As long as there are computers, there will be a need for security....and a need for OREV.

"Intelligent Security is Forever"
 "The Intelligence Way" has a dual meaning - one of the key concepts of OREV is a design principle that places the network admins one step ahead of ever changing cyber security threat vectors.

"The Intelligence Way" represents the activity of intelligence agency operations, meaning the vast and continuous data collection and surveillance activities in the field, spotting unusual changes and anomalies in a proactive manner, all in real time....all the time.

That's exactly what the OREV proprietary Intelligent Surveillance Technology (IST) agents do; identify and analyze any endpoint activity that may result in a possible threat, all in real time....all the time.

The other concept is the usage of "Human Intelligence" to identify new cyber security threat technologies, adversarial tactics and techniques and predict future potential threats.

The combination of both concepts lead to the capability of predictive forensic analysis of all network activities, maintaining data integrity, and the detection, identification & response to cyber attacks in real time, making OREV a "Highly Intelligent" tool.

"Intelligence, Integrity and Efficacy"

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