Intelligent Network Security for a Zero Trust World

The Solution for the New Normal

In today's rapidly changing  environment, the network perimeter is gone and every remote connected device is a new entry point for an attack.

OREV protects any size network from security breaches and operational malfunctions keeping the network performing 24/7/365.

Intelligent Network Security for a Zero Trust World

OREV repositions cybersecurity defenses from static, network-based perimeters to a file based approach, focusing on identity, assets, access management, endpoints, hosting environments and the interconnecting infrastructure that make up modern "infinite edge" networks.

Network Threat Detection & Response (NDR)

Employee behavioral monitoring and profiling
Unified live end-to-end response and remediation
Discover unknown and shadow assets and applications
Device free threat detection

Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)

Integrated Detection and Protection
Vulnerability Identification
Completely eliminates security blind spots
Aggregates events from all network devices, servers, endpoints, and applications

Substantial Reduction In Operational Costs

OREV enables you to sunset legacy  solutions and aggregate to a single screen
Simple to install, deploy and maintain
Requires fewer resources so your team can do more with less
Cost effective and simple pricing. No hidden fees or modules.


Insider Threat
Detection & Response

As the network evolves, so does OREV

OREV's realtime platform will identify breaches in realtime, regardless of where they come from, and provide complete telemetry of the source and destination of the malware.

Predictive insider threat monitoring and customizable behavioral detection through identity profiling, collating common attributes and continuous monitoring of all transactions to identify potential fraud.

Incident Response Managemement

OREV performs Predictive Forensic Investigation from data collected by the Intelligent Surveillance Technology (IST) agents within the OREV data universe.

OREV analyzes an incredible amount of data, enabling forensic analysis and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to be completed accurately and swiftly.

The analysis includes correlation of past and present events and can predict future possibilities of similar events.

Hardware & Asset Management

Reduce overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with OREV by leveraging its hardware management capabilities. Identify out of compliance machines, security risks and unauthorized hardware.

“Given tighter financial controls and increasingly expanding IT influence, TCO analysis is more critical than ever.”

– The Gartner Group

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Our network administrator loves the comprehensive dashboard reporting. It saves time, manpower, and we have better control over the network.

Eduardo Waller Viana
Manager, Bradesco

OREV gives us an awareness and security depth none else offers.

Steve Schwartz, CISSP
Director of IT, Lionsgate

We decided to implement OREV because identified a ransomeware bug upon installation – no others did.

Andre Gomes Alay

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